We started our journey in the warehousing industry with a cement sheet roof also known as Patra Shed. For 25 years, Arihant Group has been a name to reckon with in the construction sector. Constructing formidable commercial properties has been their forte ever since its inception. Over the years Arihant Group has been associated with many credible projects. We came up with an idea of warehousing complex with its 1st ever RCC in Bhiwandi. In other words, we are the pioneers of the RCC warehouse complex in bhiwandi. Arihant and Shree Arihant has been the hallmark projects in our history. Lately, Arihant Group launched Arihant World, one of the largest warehousing projects in Asia, thus highlighting its authority in construction of commercial property sector.

We started construction in 1985 with small warehouse then in year 1994 we came up with Bhiwandi’s 1st biggest warehouse complex which was around 50 acres which had cement shed and the RCC warehouse. Then in 1998 we started with a bigger project called Shree Arihant the 1st ever in Bhiwandi which was around 100 acres with only RCC G+2 warehouse which presently consist of multinational companies and 100% occupied with our customers as old as 12 to 14 years.

Today, we are on a journey to start India’s one of the largest storage warehouse projects which will totally change the future of the warehousing industry in India.